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Welcome to OPTIONS

English Native Speaker in Białystok

Established in 2005, I provide quality English language lessons in the Białystok area. Whatever your English language needs, I can help you!

My Mission

The mission of OPTIONS is to help students communicate more effectively across international borders and cultures. I want to help students achieve their personal and professional goals by offering a range of courses designed to improve communication skills. I know that helping people to communicate more effectively leads to greater personal and business success.

My Promise

I am the perfect choice for students that want to learn English under the guidance of a professional teacher. I promise all students that I will do everything possible to ensure that their time with me will be both successful and enjoyable.

About me

Nigel Bailey
Nigel BaileyTeacher of English as a Foreign Language
I am a fully-qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language and I have been teaching English since I came to Poland in 2003.

Why Choose Me

With so many English language schools out there, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose - especially if you are not really sure what to look for.  I can think of lots of reasons why people should choose me, but here are just a few of them...

A Wealth of Experience, a Reputation for Excellence

Established in 2005, I have provided quality English language lessons in the Białystok area for many years.

British native speaker

I have a very neutral British accent with very clear pronunciation.

Flexible learning schedule

I will always do my best to offer you lessons when you want them.

Full Needs Analysis

I always conduct a thorough Needs Analysis so that the course meets your exact needs.

Exclusive Teaching Methods

Glossaries and Wordlists are provided free of charge with translations in your native language.


You will be tested regularly on previously-taught vocabulary.

I Meet Your Specific Needs

Whatever your learning needs, I will fulfil them!