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Permission, obligation, and necessity
Advanced [C1]

Modal verbs are used to express various meanings such as permission, obligation, and necessity. In addition, there are other related verbs that can be used for expressing these meanings such as had better, be able

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General English [Intermediate Plus (B1+)]
General English

This easy-to-use Intermediate Plus (B1+) level general English course ensures students make fast, measurable progress in learning English. This course is extremely well-organized with an integrated skills approach, focusing on practical vocabulary and developing communication

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English for Aviation
Business English

English for Aviation has been developed specifically for people who work in the aviation industry and need to comply with the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO’s) language proficiency requirements. It supports standard phraseology and builds

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We use can or be able to for saying that somebody or something has the ability to do something. We use may or could to talk about the possibility of something in the present or

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