General English

General English

An English course designed to help students communicate successfully and confidently in real-life situations.

Course Details:

This course is a highly practical English course for adults who want to develop their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills for use in real-life situations, whether it be communicating on Facebook with friends, going on holiday, or in the workplace.


 120 hours

This general English course is designed for people who want to improve fluency and accuracy in English. Some people who do this course are learning for work, others for study or simply for personal interest.

The course is designed to develop your general English skills. Key areas include:

  • speaking English
  • listening to a wide range of audio materials
  • practical grammar
  • expanding vocabulary
  • better communication strategies, including pronunciation
  • confident and fluent reading
  • better writing
  • discussions and role-plays

Other topic areas for discussion (depending on your interests and needs) can include:

  • social and intercultural English
  • English for work and travel
  • modern British culture
  • films and other arts
  • media, news and views

This English course for adults will help you to:

  • be more confident in speaking English in conversations and discussions
  • communicate what you want to say more accurately
  • better understand current affairs, media or film
  • use English more effectively at work or when travelling
  • deal with everyday situations like meeting people or booking a hotel
  • develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

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